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My first Off-Broadway in NY!

So I saw a huge poster of this somewhere near Times Sq and thought,

"hey it’s Topher Grace and some pretty girl… ooh a love story"

So I took down the website on the poster and read about the play here

Sidenote: Man, after leaving the site, a bunch of ads for the play were being served to me like crazy wherever I went online. Super timely actually since we had just studied Remarketing in class!

I had planned to watch the matinee show with a friend but train service sucked today so I ended up watching alone amongst a sea of seniors. I was pretty stoked nonetheless.

I kept thinking, wow I’m going to see celebrities act live! (it is what it is, don’t judge)

So the play started and I’m not going to lie, I was starstruck for a few minutes. sigh… lol

Ok, my thoughts on the play!

I enjoyed it very much. It was funny and engaging, the leads were sympathetic and credible, and the modern props (large lighted words) helped in the storytelling. Topher Grace was so funny and endearing, and he and Olivia Thirlby had great chemistry. Two lost people dealing with their own issues, trying to connect with each other… not original yes, but they make it work.

And how appropriate was the theme of dealing with the realities of adulthood! As someone who is also trying to get back on the grind, I felt Porter’s pain… and I loved that simple tip he took from Olivia’s character at the end … “start with one thing then everything will fall into place” yepp