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Hey! I really like your blog! Any advice for Yoga beginners?
optimistique optimistique Said:

Hi ! that’s really sweet of you to say, thanks!

and my advice for yoga beginners would be….

- be open-minded. there are rules (like, “if you had food, wait 3hrs before practicing”) and chanting and some really hardcore practitioners in your class, which might intimidate you or make you feel awkward, but with enough willpower and focus you can easily brush that away! you can focus on this goal: to be healthy overall (beauty of yoga is it involves mind, body, and spirit)

- clear your mind and breathe. takes awhile to get used to, but you can do it. and you’ll be amazed once you’ve learned to control both!

- leave your ego at the door. if you decide to join a class, resist the urge to compare your performance to others. take your time to learn the breathing (most important!) and proper alignment for the poses

- try different types of yoga to see which one/s you enjoy the most. here’s an article that describes the different types. I personally love ashtanga (currently writing up a post about this actually!) because it’s the most dynamic and physically challenging that I’ve tried (and I love a good challenge!). my other favorites are hatha and bikram, which are less intense but nevertheless give me a good overall workout.

- and of course: have fun! yoga is pretty exciting and cool. and you’ll definitely see results (physical, mental, emotional… )!

I wish you all the best in your practice! Tell me how it goes :)